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Interim Executives – Adding Value to Australian Business

The nature of Australian business has changed dramatically in recent decades, in response to worldwide advances in technology and e-commerce, a new emphasis on outsourcing, global export trends, the expansion and diversification of markets and a focus on growth through mergers and acquisition.

The result is significant changes in management styles, working patterns and employment trends, tending more towards short-term projects and leading to a boom in part-time and temporary positions. Data from the Bureau of Statistics shows that the ratio of part-time to full-time employment continues to increase strongly. This increasing flexibility in the labour market extends right to the Boardroom, with rising demand for a new breed of professional – the interim executive.

Interim executives are mature, experienced problem-solvers with a track record of success in senior management roles. They go in to companies to provide immediate leadership support and guidance in the absence of a CEO, director or senior manager, either to maintain ‘business as usual’ or to implement change management initiatives; they can direct or facilitate specific projects, mentor new directors or supplement an executive team during expansion programs, relocation, major systems implementations, public flotation, mergers or acquisitions.

Interim executives represent an innovative, powerful and cost-effective management resource for organisations of all sizes.