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What's involved?

Finding the right Interim Executive

What's involved?

Finding the right Interim Executive

by Nicola

Corporate Commitments

All candidates put forward to our clients for an interim executive assignment have been fully assessed by Interim Executive Search. We also carry out appropriate qualification and reference checks.
Our clients can have full confidence in representations and commitments made by our company.

Our Methodology

You want the best candidates for your interim executive assignment. Our objective is to achieve this using our extensive experience and resources across industry.

Understanding Your Requirements

A detailed briefing session is conducted to understand your business and operational objectives, your corporate culture and management styles and your requirements and expectations for the interim executive assignment, including skills and expertise, the position’s executive and budgetary responsibilities and your corporate measurements of success.

Identifying Candidates

Fast and effective research of our comprehensive database to identify suitable candidates and assess their skills and experience against your corporate brief.

Qualification of Candidates

Additional qualification of other candidates, sourced using traditional executive search methods, who may meet the requirements.

Shortlist Presentation

After the qualification process, we present a shortlist of recommended candidates. We provide an executive profile on each interim including an assessment in respect of the particular assignment’s needs, their career history and achievements, personal details, reference information and remuneration details.

Towards Appointment

We work closely with you and the interim executive as you assess them through interviews and any subsequent discussions. Once a candidate is selected, we carry out any additional reference checks that may be required and we assist in negotiating contract terms. To ensure smooth transition into the company, we recommend you appoint a contact person for the interim executive, to orient them to the corporate culture, day-to-day office procedures and other significant staff with whom they will be working.

During the Assignment

We stay in contact with you and the nominated executive throughout the assignment, with regular reviews and a full debriefing at the end of the assignment.

Client Relationships and Confidentiality

Our success is predicated on long-term partnerships with our clients and Interim Executives. All our business relationships are based on trust, integrity and absolute confidentiality.

We work closely with every client to understand their business objectives and operating environment so that we can pre-select the most appropriate Interim Executives for every assignment. We acknowledge that this will require clients disclosing potentially sensitive corporate and employee details. We respect fully the confidentiality of all client corporate materials and information discussed with us and provided to us.

Similarly, any information provided by us to the client about prospective candidates should be distributed only to those client personnel who are directly involved in the selection process.